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7 résultats affichés

The Signature Style and Offering of Bivaq

Bivaq is a premium brand renowned for their elegant and top-of-the-range outdoor furniture unrivaled in style, functionality, and longevity. Their offerings blend in seamlessly with modern architecture, forming a perfect harmony between design, comfort, and durability. Bivaq, founded in 2003 in Barcelona, is a brand deeply rooted in Mediterranean culture. The brand's influence is derived from the climatic, scenic beauty, gastronomy, and lifestyle of the region, which is reflected in the charm and sophistication of its furniture collections.

Bivaq's portfolio presents a comprehensive range of furniture products. These include lounge chairs, sofas, sun loungers, dining tables and chairs, side tables, parasols and more. With various collections grouped under Casual, Relax, Dining, and Complements, the brand offers an extensive selection of furniture tailored to suit different tastes, spaces, or ambiances. Each piece is meticulously crafted and varies in texture and material, including the use of teak, aluminum, nautical ropes, Batyline® fabrics, and porcelain.

Bivaq's furniture is designed and produced to withstand the ravages of time and changing weather conditions. The brand makes use of technologically advanced, highly resistant materials and employ rigorous quality control processes to ensure each piece of furniture stands up to salt, sun, and water exposure. They offer a five-year warranty on their products, reinforcing their confidence in product durability.

A particularly unique offering of Bivaq is their customization options. This allows customers to personalize their furniture to perfectly sync with their space and showcase their unique taste. Premium quality, meticulous attention to detail, and tailored offerings give Bivaq an unrivaled edge in the world of luxury outdoor furniture.

The Latest Collection and Innovations from Bivaq

Bivaq’s latest offerings further solidify their exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to excellence. Their latest collection resonates with the essence of the brand, reinterpreting classics with a contemporary twist.

The "Nim" collection, one of the novel inclusions, elegantly brings together teak and aluminum into a charming and functional ensemble. The distinguishing feature of Nim is its sinuous, continuous lines which create the armrests and the back of the chair, characterized by the use of nautical rope bound in a cross pattern. The collection includes lounge chairs, a sofa, dining chairs, low tables, and a sun lounger.

The "Izar" collection echoes the glamour of mid-20th century design with its singular shape, which appears to be suspended in the air, emitting comfort, elegance, and exclusivity. The "Mom" collection, on the other hand, exudes simplicity and functionality with pieces made of powder-coated aluminum frames and perforated aluminum tops.

Bivaq's outlook is not just constrained to furniture but underlines an all-encompassing concept for outdoor living. The latest creations involve planters and various light fixtures as part of its complement range. To this effect, the "Noa" collection showcases an innovative series of planters that fuse design and vegetation in perfect harmony, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the outdoor ambiance.

Continuing this innovative trend, Bivaq also introduces the "Bi" collection of outdoor lighting solutions. It adds a subtle charm, enhancing the beauty of the outdoor space when the sun sets. Its unique, versatile design can be hung on the Bivaq umbrella or placed independently with a base, illuminating the space elegantly.

Across all these new collections, the focus on blending aesthetics, quality, and excellence is evident. Bivaq continues to redefine outdoor living, resonating with their belief that the beauty of a moment increases exponentially when it's enjoyed outdoors.